Short Sales and Foreclosures

If you are interested in investing in real estate in our area, please give us a call, we can mail you the newest foreclosure lists available. Take advantage of this unique buying oportunity.

Lee County, which consists of the cities Fort Myers,Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Springs is the epicenter of the foreclosure and shortsale wave. Foreclosures are the properties that already belong to the bank and went already through the foreclosure process. Those properties are normally prices very attractive and get sold mostly within days. So an investor interested in a foreclosure should contact us and give us there specific requirement so we can keep an eye on the market and allert you if an appropriate property hits the market.

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What is a short sale?

Don't be foreclosed on! Call me as soon as possible. We can discuss options.
A short sale is a property that is "under water". The owner ows more to the bank than the property can be sold for in this market. If an owner can proof hardship the lender might negotiate a short sale and forgive the owed amount under certain circumstances. This provides opportunity for an investor to pick up a great property for a really good price. In contrast to a foreclosure a short sale is most likely in good condition because is has not been abandoned.

If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure or are on the brink of not being able to pay, please give us a call, we might be able to help and we will try to find the best solution for you. We keep ourselves informed about the latest government programs or we can put you in contact with people that are  knowledgable in this area.

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