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April 22, 2019

What is Expected of a Southwest Florida Owner When a Tenant Moves In?

When properly executed, the move-in process is efficient, informative, and the beginning of a professional and respectful relationship between tenants and landlords. When you’re prepared and proactive about communicating with your tenants, it’s easy for you and your new renters.

Today, we’re sharing some of the steps we take when we’re moving a tenant into a property in the Southwest Floria area managed by Realty Group of Southwest Florida.

Financial Move-In Matters

As soon as a tenant is approved for your property, we collect a deposit that will secure the property and take it off the rental market. Before we hand over the keys, the tenant is required to pay the entire move-in balance, which includes the security deposit as well as the first month’s rent. We’ll also collect any pet fees and other move-in funds. We recommend you collect your funds in certified funds, through a cashier’s check or a money order. If your tenant moves in and then the check bounces, you’re not going to start the tenancy off on the best foot.

All utilities must be turned on and the accounts must be transferred to the tenant’s name on the day that tenants move in. We work with tenants to ensure this happens in the right amount of time.

Creating and Executing the Lease Agreement

Our leases are written by local attorneys who specialize in landlord and tenant law in the state of Florida. It’s very important to have a lease that’s legally compliant in Florida. Downloading any lease template off the internet is not a good idea; you won’t have any way of making sure that it includes all of the information and disclosures that a Florida lease needs in order to stand up in court and adequately protect your interests. The lease will be signed by the owner and the tenant via an electronic signature. This allows us to document and file the lease, and make sure that all parties have reviewed it and agreed to it.

If your property is in an HOA community and requires a lease application from the tenants, we will handle that process as well. It’s important to know what your community association requires before you rent a property out to a tenant.

Conducting Move-In Inspections

Before a tenant moves in, we conduct a complete and detailed inspection of the property. The purpose is to check for any maintenance items that need attention before the tenant moves in and to document the condition of your property, which will be important when the tenant moves out and we have to decide whether any damage was done during the lease period. Our inspection report will include pictures, which we will share with you. We’ll have the tenants sign the condition report when they move in and have a chance to inspect the condition of the home themselves.

We’ll take care of all cleaning and minor repairs, and prepare to welcome your tenant to their new home.

This is just an overview of how we handle the move-in process for our owners and investors. If you have any questions or you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Realty Group of Southwest Florida.

April 18, 2019

Tenant Screening 101 - How To Find the Best Tenants in Southwest Florida

At Realty Group of Southwest Florida, we are proud to share that we’ve only had one eviction since 2001. That’s a pretty great track record, and we owe most of our success to our tenant screening process. Today, we’re sharing some of the things we do to find the best possible tenants for our rental properties.

Applications and Rental Criteria

Every adult 18 years of age or older who will live in the property must complete an application. We provide paperless applications online because it keeps the process efficient and we have the technology to support it. The application must be fully filled out, signed, and submitted with all the supporting documentation that we request.

Our residential selection criteria is applied to each application fairly and consistently. Every potential tenant is screened against the same criteria. Either the applicants meet our standards and get approved or they don’t meet our standards and they’re denied. On average, we’re able to screen applications in less than 24 hours. This saves our owners money because it means the property isn’t left vacant for longer than necessary.

Screening Tenant Backgrounds and Financials

Our screening process begins with a thorough and nationwide criminal background check. We also look for prior evictions and court judgments. We check credit, and we verify employment and income. It’s important to be thorough when you’re checking these things. You want to verify all of the information that you receive on an application. Contact the employers that tenants say they work for, and ask for things like pay stubs or tax records to verify the income they claim to earn. When you’re checking credit, look for overdue bills or outstanding debts owed to other landlords, property management companies, or apartment buildings.

Checking Rental History

It’s also important to check a tenant’s rental history. Make sure the landlord information that you’ve received is correct. Tenants with a bad rental history will be more likely to try and give you the names and phone numbers of friends or family members instead of landlords or property managers. Once you’ve verified who you’re talking to, ask if the tenants paid rent on time, left behind any property damage, and gave the proper notice before moving out. You’ll want to know if they followed the terms of their lease and if the landlord would consider renting to those residents again.

When you have a professional property management company screening your tenants, you get the peace of mind that qualified and experienced leasing agents are placing good tenants in your rental property. This is important because a good tenant will contribute to a positive rental experience and increased ROI. A bad tenant will cost you money and a lot of stress. There may be ongoing disputes, unpaid rent, and the potential for expensive and time-consuming evictions.

To find out how we’ve managed to maintain such a low eviction rate, please contact us at Realty Group of Southwest Florida. We’d be happy to tell you more and share a few additional tips on how to screen tenants effectively.

April 15, 2019

What You Need to Know if You Are Listing Your Southwest Florida Home for Rent

When you’re ready to list your Southwest Florida home for rent, it’s important that you’re paying attention to the marketing details that will get the attention of the area’s best tenants. You want to rent your home quickly for the most money to the best tenants. We have a few ideas that will help you accomplish that.

Price Your Property Correctly

The first thing you’ll need to do is price your home properly. Most landlords and property owners have a specific idea about the amount they think their home is worth. However, it’s the market that has the most impact on what you can charge. Your property’s condition, location, and size will influence the price, but you cannot overprice it for the current market. If you do, it will be vacant for longer, and you’ll lose rental income. You also don’t want to underprice the property because you’ll have a hard time catching it up to market rental values.

We provide a free rental market evaluation. It’s a good idea to access professional data that can tell you what your home will rent for in Southwest Florida. When you have the right price attached to your property, you’ll attract high quality tenants and get it off the market quickly.

Prepare the Home for Rent

Next, you’ll need to make sure your home is move-in ready. Create some curb appeal so it looks pretty and inviting when prospective tenants arrive. Keep it clean, and make sure everything inside is functional. We provide a complete property review for our clients, in which we check for maintenance issues and recommend some improvements that can raise your rental rate and attract good residents. Something as simple as new lighting or updated fixtures on the sink can have a huge impact. Your property needs to stand out, so before you list it for rent, make sure it offers something that will get the attention of prospective renters.

Strategic Marketing Online

Professional pictures will help you provide an accurate and attractive introduction to your property. Make sure you have good photos with the right lighting. Then, you’ll need to create an ad that describes your home and all its benefits. Your listing needs to be posted online, particularly on all the most popular rental sites that tenants use to find their next home. As an individual landlord, you’ll need to post those listings on every site. When you work with a professional property management company like ours, you can utilize our technology resources. Through our Appfolio platform, we can sync your listing to dozens of sites and track the performance of your online ad. This helps us to keep your listing updated and attract potential tenants. We’ll manage all of your showings in-person as well and keep you updated on how the leasing of your home is progressing.

There’s a lot you can do to prepare your property for the rental market on your own. However, you’ll rent it faster and to better tenants when you work with a professional property manager. We can help. Contact us at Realty Group of Southwest Florida.

April 15, 2019

Fully Furnished Condo in Fort Myers.

View Virtual Tour Here!


Convenient location with Privacy -- just 20-minutes from the airport and the world-class beaches of Sanibel

Spacious and tastefully appointed, this 1000 square foot private retreat offers 2-bedrooms, plus two baths. The comfortable living room with gorgeous skylights, opens to a screened-in-lanai. Tastefully furnished, with brand-name appliances, including washer-dryer.

Impeccably landscaped with mature Oaks and Palms, the Parkside condo community features a heated outdoor pool, tennis courts and grilling/picnic areas. This secluded retreat is also centrally located -- just minutes from SW Florida's finest restaurants, shops, theaters, and Spring Training home to the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox. 

Across the street, is the magical Lakes Park Nature Preserve. Rent bikes, boats, and walk nature trails. Great place for children for a fun day and bird-watching at its best -- all of this at your front door!
Rent Includes: Water. 

Call today for showing appointment at 239-949-0404. 


Annual Lease 
$1,200.00 per month 
$1,200.00 Security Deposit 
$55.00 per person Application/Background to Realty Group. Apply online www.florida-homeseller.com

$50.00 per person payable to Parkside Place COA

*The information contained in this listing has been supplied, at least in part by third parties. Therefore, it is believed to be accurate but cannot be guaranteed.


April 5, 2019

Five Ways to make your Vacation Renal Standout


Five Ways You Can Make Your Vacation Rental Shine Bright

A vacation rental can provide an income while also serving as a place for us to get away. Transforming a property into a rental takes a lot of preparation, but the rewards can be tangible once guests start booking. Here are ways to get started.

Make Shrewd Investments

Without the right look, a vacation rental can easily stagnate. With that in mind, consider which rooms need an overhaul and what additions could be made depending on climate and area. If your property is in a warm, stable environment, then a pool could broaden your property's appeal, but it can also be expensive to maintain. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades offer an excellent return on investment, and they do not have to be lavish. In fact, measured enhancements, such as adding jacuzzis or switching out faucets for modern alternatives, can offer good ROI. Ask yourself what could boost rental attraction and go with it.

Upgrade Your Decor

You may have your own vision, but consider what could make your house feel like a home away from home. Your property will experience heavy foot traffic, so focus on good-looking materials that are sturdy, and avoid costly furniture in favor of cheaper options. If your rental hasn't undergone a recent makeover, then add fresh coats of paint to make it appear brighter. This can be an inexpensive investment, and you could combine painting with colorful lamps, throws, and vases to really make things shine. While luxury is appealing, don't overlook coziness, such as avoiding hard flooring in bedrooms and injecting light through your home.

Maintain Whenever You Need To

Let's face it: A vacation rental requires plenty of energy to maintain, but you may not always have free time. That's where remote maintenance comes in, such as hiring professional services and using subscription delivery companies. Cleanliness is essential to success, but don't fret if you can't replace linens between guests yourself. You can enlist professional cleaners, who may replenish used toiletries and go through your entire home until it is immaculate. A good cleaning company will keep you aware of issues and provide solutions whenever a problem arises. Likewise, by taking advantage of a subscription program, such as for new air filters, you can streamline your maintenance schedule and always be on top of things without worrying about overlooking something as vital as filters.

Value Your Guests

Nothing makes a stronger impression than when a guest feels valued and wanted, and this can easily encourage return bookings. Show your interest from the get-go with your initial communications by providing local information or suggesting activities that could be of interest. When it comes to the visit itself, consider making a tangible guide, and leave little notes showing gratitude and a desire to offer further assistance. These notes could be accompanied with thoughtful gestures, such as a few bottles of water if they have planned on hiking or some yummy chocolates. Imbuing a sense of luxury and coziness has its own advantages, but prioritizing clients can be a clincher for long-term success.

Nurture Security

Rental security is crucial for you and your guests, especially if you don't live nearby or when the property is unoccupied. Thankfully, there are an assortment of home security systems to invest in, such as monitored services that offer additional features like video doorbells, remote automation, and compatibility with smart assistants. However, there are alternatives that allow you to monitor security cameras freely through mobile apps, and even stream recorded footage. Another useful security measure is keyless entry, which can seem snazzy to guests but offers practical applications for home protection. Losing keys and having locks picked is a serious concern, but you can eliminate both these vulnerabilities and give everyone peace of mind.

This is an enduring journey that will require much planning and patience. Yet, with astute upgrades, security, and a cozy atmosphere, you can thrive. Make this investment a fulfilling one for you and your potential clients.



Article Courtesy of Erin Reynolds

March 26, 2019

Furnished Country Creek Villa for Annual Rental

Beautiful Country Creek Villa - Golf Community in the heart of Estero. This 3 bed/ 2 bath home is fully furnished and move-in ready (can be rented unfurnished as well). Remodeled kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 1 car attached garage.Enjoy the lanai privacy with a charming view of a wooded area and extended lanai. 

Feb. 22, 2019

Save Today, Enjoy Tomorrow.

Energy Saving Tips & Tricks


Did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the typical American family spends $1,300 a year on energy costs? Everyone knows living in Southwest Florida those numbers could be astronomical in the summer months. Luckily, we are here to help. As the summer months are soon upon us it is the best time to takes measures to save money on energy costs. We have some tips and tricks that not only help you save money but may add value to your home.

The biggest things you need to remember in the health and efficiency of your air conditioning unit are maintenance and maintenance! Changing your air filters improve the efficiency and air flow. This will lead to overall lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. Also consider a maintenance contract. Many air conditioning companies such as AC Tech Professionals ,serving the Lee and Collier County, have various maintenance plans for different budgets. There are many benefits of a maintenance contract. The biggest benefit is the scheduled maintenance visits can find issues before they become a problem or a costly fix.

There are windows for all types of climates. Colder climates would want to make sure they have gas filled low-emissivity windows. These windows help prevent losing all that valuable heat. Here in Southwest Florida We need to make sure that strong sun does not cook us! Energy-efficient window films come in different grades to allow different interior appearances and energy saving levels.



Some of the BIGGEST energy hogs are old refrigerators, washer, dryers, and dishwashers. Energy efficient appliances are huge in the fight against your energy bill. Some utility companies will even give you rebates for having Energy Star appliances! Not sure what qualifies to be an Energy Star appliance, just go to EnergyStar.gov for a list of brands and models that meet those standards. Having new appliances in your home can increase your resale value as well!

Why not harness all that sun power with solar panels. The Sunshine State is the perfect place to install solar panels. Our favorite way to use solar panels is to heat your pool. Heating your pool is a bit of a luxury especially when it is usually so warm down here. But some homes are not lucky enough to have all the south facing sun to naturally warm up their pool.

If you are not ready to make the big repairs but still want to take the first step in saving money on energy bills, start with light bulbs. There are various styles and colors to suite all needs and preferences. The most common energy saving bulbs are halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Making a decision as small as changing your bulbs can save you nearly $100 a year!


The most beautiful way to decrease your energy consumption is planting beautiful trees and shrubs on the SOUTH side of your home. This will not only increase your curb appeal but will also provide some much-needed shade to your home. This can of course also increase your home value!

Now it is time to put it into action! You may have already been researching energy saving costs before, or maybe this is the first you have heard of ways to save. Let us know! We love to hear from you and see what success you have had. Do you have any questions about going about these projects? The experts at Property Pros Home Services in Estero, Florida are here to help! Give them a call for your next project. They can provide you an estimate on just about any home project you may have. www.swflpropertypros.com

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Feb. 25, 2018

Estero Real Estate Market Update ~ February, 2018

Estero Real Estate Market Report  ~ February, 2018

Summary market report for February, 2018 below. View the full interactive market update here, showings active, pending and sold properties in Estero for February. 

February 2018 Sales stats for Estero:

List Price: $394,318

Selling Price: $371,892

Average Price Per SQ FT: $180

Average Days on Market: 125


Active Properties
Address Beds Baths Living ft2 List Price Cost per ft2 DOM
23843 Tuscany Ct 4 4.5 4,922 $3,190,000 $648 150 days
23850 Tuscany Way 4 5.5 5,474 $2,995,000 $547 235 days
22848 Mossy Trl 3 4.5 4,134 $2,800,000 $677 4 days
23810 Tuscany Way 4 5.5 5,414 $2,499,000 $461 69 days
23770 Napoli Way 4 4 4,080 $1,995,000 $488 30 days
22228 St Barts Ln 3 4.5 3,057 $1,989,000 $650 368 days
22080 Reserve Estates Dr 4 4.5 5,076 $1,950,000 $384 89 days
10570 Timber Lawn Dr 4 6 4,644 $1,895,000 $408 55 days
10521 Timber Lawn Dr 4 4.5 4,303 $1,890,000 $439 43 days
22061 Red Laurel Ln 4 4.5 5,071 $1,849,900 $364 79 days
9570 Lakebend Preserve Ct 4 5 4,641 $1,795,000 $386 55 days
22031 Shallowater Ln 4 4.5 4,606 $1,795,000 $389 86 days
10047 S Magnolia Bend 4 3.5 4,466 $1,750,000 $391 102 days
22081 Red Laurel Ln 4 4.5 4,250 $1,749,000 $411 19 days
22110 Shallowater Ln 4 4.5 5,100 $1,675,000 $328 54 days
22280 Banyan Hideaway Dr 4 4.5 4,406 $1,599,999 $363 49 days
19913 Montserrat Ln 3 3.5 3,017 $1,525,000 $505 47 days
10501 Timber Lawn Dr 4 4.5 3,831 $1,525,000 $398 100 days
10104 Magnolia Bend 4 4.5 4,082 $1,499,000 $367 123 days
4761 West Bay Blvd 3 3.5 3,110 $1,495,000 $480 17 days
22021 Shallowater Ln 4 4.5 3,873 $1,495,000 $386 97 days
20543 Wildcat Run Dr 4 4.5 4,970 $1,489,000 $299 144 days
10016 Orchid Ridge Ln 3 3.5 3,612 $1,475,000 $408 18 days
19929 Montserrat Ln 3 3.5 3,017 $1,449,000 $480 186 days
23730 Napoli Way 4 3 3,279 $1,399,000 $426 312 days
Average: 3.0 2.6 2,233 $483,271 $204 105 days
Viewing 1 - 25 of 720 
Properties Under Contract
Address Beds Baths Living ft2 List Price Cost per ft2 DOM
10039 Magnolia Bend 4 5 4,926 $1,849,000 $375 55 days
9340 Lakebend Preserve Ct 4 4.5 4,517 $1,745,000 $386 43 days
10141 Orchid Ridge Ln 4 4.5 4,043 $1,488,000 $368 40 days
22101 Shallowater Ln 3 3.5 3,565 $1,375,000 $385 43 days
10256 Idle Pine Ln 3 3.5 3,230 $1,295,000 $400 32 days
9847 Bay Meadow 4 4.5 3,532 $1,275,000 $360 107 days
10511 Timber Lawn Dr 3 3 3,532 $1,249,900 $353 3 days
22310 Fairview Bend Dr 4 4.5 3,327 $1,175,000 $353 23 days
22200 Natures Cove Ct 4 4.5 4,333 $1,125,000 $259 44 days
9275 Hollow Pine Dr 4 3 2,908 $950,000 $326 30 days
9267 Hollow Pine Dr 4 3 3,023 $914,900 $302 114 days
9218 Hollow Pine Dr 4 3.5 2,980 $913,000 $306 78 days
19955 Markward CRCS 3 4.0 3,498 $898,000 $256 86 days
20013 Oak Fairway Ct 3 3 3,122 $874,500 $280 54 days
9823 Bay Meadow 3 3.5 2,816 $849,900 $301 101 days
10150 Northridge Ct 3 3.5 3,645 $835,000 $229 283 days
19941 Chapel Trace 3 3 2,699 $825,000 $305 58 days
20280 Leopard Ln 5 4 3,452 $824,900 $238 45 days
10048 Ginger Pointe Ct 3 2.5 2,534 $798,500 $315 194 days
4554 Pinehurst Greens Ct 3 3 2,738 $779,900 $284 191 days
11808 Solemar Ct 3 3 2,822 $750,000 $265 76 days
23000 Whispering Ridge Dr 4 3 2,877 $749,000 $260 24 days
11512 Amalfi Way 4 3 2,741 $749,000 $273 268 days
13561 BROWN BEAR RUN 4 3.0 3,078 $737,700 $239 80 days
20867 Pinehurst Greens Dr 3 2 2,400 $710,000 $295 6 days
Average: 2.9 2.6 2,149 $453,128 $201 112 days
Viewing 1 - 25 of 197 
Sold Properties
Address Beds Baths Living ft2 List Price Sold Price Cost per ft2 DOM Sold Date
10073 Magnolia Bend 3 3.5 4,281 $1,795,000 $1,500,000 $350 189 days 1/31/18
10550 Glen Lakes Dr 4 4.5 3,818 $1,350,000 $1,225,000 $320 120 days 2/6/18
12456 Water Oak Dr 3 3.5 3,279 $879,000 $815,000 $248 45 days 2/15/18
20253 Country Club DR 3 4 3,223 $795,000 $780,000 $242 97 days 2/23/18
19401 La Serena Dr 3 3.5 3,147 $699,900 $689,900 $219 43 days 2/1/18
20961 Corkscrew Shores Blvd 4 3 2,384 $669,900 $643,000 $269 74 days 1/29/18
20822 Gleneagles Links Dr 3 2 2,080 $625,000 $595,000 $286 74 days 2/1/18
14001 HAWKS EYE CT 3 3 2,488 $595,860 $590,615 $237 78 days 1/31/18
20169 Corkscrew Shores Blvd 3 2 2,107 $599,900 $570,000 $270 274 days 2/9/18
20201 Corkscrew Shores BLVD 3 2 2,112 $579,900 $555,000 $262 147 days 2/20/18
22162 Ponte Romano Ln 3 3 2,376 $514,900 $500,000 $210 26 days 2/5/18
23136 Tree Crest Ct 3 2 2,000 $499,900 $480,000 $240 293 days 2/13/18
17550 Capper Ln 4 2.5 4,038 $624,900 $480,000 $118 611 days 1/26/18
21811 Palmetto Dunes Dr 3 2 2,170 $479,900 $465,000 $214 101 days 2/16/18
20043 Seadale Ct 2 2 1,981 $455,000 $450,000 $227 82 days 2/7/18
10342 Autumn Breeze Dr Unit 102 3 2.5 2,060 $444,500 $440,000 $213 26 days 2/6/18
20239 Cypress Shadows BLVD 4 3 2,004 $434,900 $425,000 $212 115 days 2/23/18
9043 Spring Run Blvd 2 2 1,604 $395,000 $395,000 $246 41 days 1/30/18
10546 JACKSON SQUARE DR 3 2 2,007 $403,850 $393,000 $195 215 days 2/21/18
9232 Spring Run Blvd 3 2 1,504 $389,900 $380,000 $252 46 days 1/29/18
21071 Six Ls Farm Rd 3 3 2,160 $399,900 $375,000 $173 95 days 1/26/18
21720 Helmsdale Run 3 2 2,251 $380,000 $365,000 $162 141 days 2/16/18
9115 Estero River CIR 5 2 2,600 $379,905 $360,500 $138 103 days 2/13/18
20617 Wildcat Run Dr 2 2.5 2,167 $375,000 $360,000 $166 106 days 2/15/18
22991 Rosedale Dr 3 2 2,040 $348,000 $331,000 $162 65 days 2/21/18
Average: 2.8 2.3 2,007 $394,318 $371,892


125 days

Thinking of selling your Estero Home? Give us a call today or start with a no obligation home valuation

here: Whats my Estero Home Worth?

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Feb. 25, 2018

Watermark Villa For Rent

Watermark Villa For Rent

Just listed! Like New 2 + Den Villa in Watermark by Neal Communities. Live the laid back Caribbean vacation lifestyle at Watermark, a beautiful, new, maintenance-assisted community of single-family homes and paired villas in Fort Myers, FL.  At Watermark, you’ll find a friendly, welcoming neighborhood, meandering streets, exquisite lake vistas and resort style amenities. Lushly landscaped entrance welcomes you home to:

*Beautiful, modern kitchen with gas stove. 

*Large screened lanai with garden view.

*Spacious laundry room with HE washer/dryer included!

*Watermark amenities include a community pool, picnic/relaxation area with fire pit, playground, tennis, basketball courts and fitness center. 

Annual rental in Fort Myers

Available as of April 1, 2018.

$1,750 per month

$1,750 security deposit

View full details here: Watermark Villa For Rent

Watermark Villa For Rent

Fort Myers Property Management

Feb. 7, 2018

Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

Realty Group of Southwest Florida works with many buyers and sellers in Lee & Collier county - Providing our clients with the best possible service is our top priority.  Ensure a pleasant and safe real estate transaction from contract to closing. Lately Premier Land Title, a company we trust and have worked closely with for many years has cautioned and educated our clients on the new wire fraud schemes! Below Premier Land Title has provided some further detailed information and statistics. 


Fraud is not a new topic in the real estate industry. But our familiarity has perhaps dulled our caution when it comes to a massive home buying and selling threat. Wire fraud can perhaps be more accurately called identity fraud. Let’s consider a few facts as a wake -up call to a trend that may be an epidemic:

  • 5.3 Billion -  the amount targeted by perpetrators via business email compromise in 2016 (Source FBI)
  • 480 % - the year over year increase in wire fraud scams reported by Title Companies and Attorneys closing Real Estate transactions in 2016 (IC3)2016)
  • 2,370 % - the increase in identified exposed loses to the most typical of wire fraud scams between January 2015 and December 2016

Now consider one more number. All of these jaw-dropping statistics refer to reported cases. And yet it is believed that only 10 to 15% of fraud attempts are even reported!

A few cases:

  1. Real Estate Closing Attorney in New York forwarded  1.9 million dollars of purchasers funds to a fraudulent account through an email scam.
  2. Cape Coral Title Agent wired sellers proceeds of $67,000 to a fraudulent account caused by an email scam.
  3. Lee County Housing Authority wired $15,000 to a scammer through email fraud.


In all cases the fraudsters procure compromised data about identity in order to insert themselves in the communication chain as qualified parties in the transaction. In almost every case, the closing agent, buyer, seller or lender lender unknowingly ends up wiring funds directly to the imposter or his agent.

Don’t be afraid to ask..Purchasers and Sellers should verify with their closing agent or attorney they comply as published by the American Land Title Association Best Practices, the GLB Act and FFIEC Regulatory Act. by asking if they have such certification from an external auditing firm. Secondly, do they have Cyber and Crime/Fidelity Insurance. After all, we are not discussing minor amounts of money.

We at Premier Land Title take your security and private information very seriously. We maintain both Cyber and Crime/Fidelity Insurance as well as being certified by the outside security firm SC Associates as to our compliance with information security systems and policies as noted above. Visit our website at www.premierlandtitle.net

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